Serving the informal
settlement communities

The people we serve are normally located in
the informal settlements of peri-urban city
areas and small towns. Access to these
homesteads is difficult for the conventional
cesspool trucks. Our operators however, are
able to reach these communities.

Health & Safety Measures

We always strive to protect our customers
and workers. We take health and safety very

Partners & Stakeholders

Managing our relationships with an
exceeding the expectations of our partners
is very important to us. We owe our existence
and progress to our dear partners

Training & Development

With the support of our partners we have trained
and certified all our gulpers
(operators and transporters) and member sanitation

Our regulators

Our activities are overseen by KCCA, NEMA
and guided by National Water & Sewerage

Gulpers Training

We always hold training sessions
for members of our association and
the general public

Gulpers Association

We carry out promotions for our association

Solutions For safe waste management

Is your toilet full? Is your septic tank full? Call a gulper today

We are a registered association of over 30 member companies offering sanitation services for toilet emptying and safe disposal of feacal  sludge using  innovative technology called the Gulper.

About GAU

70% of the people in Kampala live in what we call “unplanned settlements” and what that means is little thought was put into important things like the arrangement of the houses, sanitation and water systems and how cars can reach the people. What this means is 70% of the people in Kampala are unable to access many of the services….

Executive Leadership

Henry Kayondo


Nyanzi Umar

Vice Chairman

Susan Atim


Moses Luswata


Moses Magala

Information Secretary

John Sebatta



Partners & Stakeholders

Association Members

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

Word From The Chairman

I wish to welcome you to our website

Gulpers association Uganda limited was formed to unite pit emptiers in Uganda and to enforce the set regulations by KCCA and NEMA at the grassroots of gulping operations through its member companies. Gulpers Association Uganda Limited (GAU) was formed in 2017 to unite and organize companies dealing in gulper pit emptying business. The association has grown in membership over the years from 8 to 31 registered companies to date. Gulpers association Uganda limited is managed by executive committee which constitutes seven positions; that is …