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70% of the people in Kampala live in what we call “unplanned settlements” and what that means is little thought was put into important things like the arrangement of the houses, sanitation and water system and how cars can reach the people. What this means is 70% of the people in Kampala are unable to access many of the services that others take for granted most important of which is that the toilet emptying trucks fail to reach them. Left with no way to empty their toilets and latrines they resort to other means like covering up the latrine, moving on and building new ones but this is harmful to the environment and can lead to a wide spread of disease in their community. They need a better solution. That’s where we come in.  With the gulping device we are able to reach anyone, anywhere they are and provide them with latrine/toilet emptying service they need. A gulper device is simply a borehole like device that is connected to the toilet to pump the sludge out and into barrels. The barrels are then carried through the narrow roads that the trucks can’t pass through and taken to trucks where they are emptied and driven to treatment plants to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The whole process is seamless and gets done in a manner that doesn’t stink up the neighborhood because we ensure to treat the toilet/latrine before we begin.


GAU’s Vision is a society in which citizens especially those in the informal settlements of Uganda have equitable access to basic sanitation services at affordable costs through quality service delivery by the member companies


GAU’s Mission is to create mass awareness about and promotion of gulping services in Uganda  and enhance service delivery by supporting and  promoting the member companies  to  achieve  better service delivery mainly through:

  • Providing support to member companies through advocacy, business development support, training, certification etc.
  • Enhancing the operations of gulping and dumping especially at the dumping points.


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